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Topics in Moxon magazine Index
YearMonthIssue No.Page/s
A new familyThe Moxons of Gainsborough2011October486-7
A new familyThomas Bouchier Moxon, ancestors & descendant2011October4813-18
ArchitectureGeorge Moxon of Barnsley – Architect2008April4115
ArtMarshall Moxom’s photography2020October6618,19
ArtJack Swanston/Moxom sculptor and artist2021April6724-25
AviationBallooning – Timothy Moxon2000October2613
AviationPilot – Gaylord Moxon2000April2513
BusinessesMoxon of Huddersfield1988April14-5
BusinessesHull-based storage firm1989October46
BusinessesShip-owners of Hull1992October104-5
BusinessesFinance – The Goldsmid Affair2003April313
BusinessesMoxon of Huddersfield Cashmere socks2003April315
BusinessesMoxon & Company Pty. Ltd., Australia2004April333
BusinessesCapt Moxham and Newfoundland Fishery Trade2004April3310-11
BusinessesMoxon of Huddersfield open a shop in London2004April3312
BusinessesCharles Moxon – Royal Decorator2004October3412-13
BusinessesMoxon’s Beach Club2007October404
BusinessesBanking: Thomas Bouchier Moxon2011October4813-18
BusinessesJoseph Moxon’s Vice!2013October522
BusinessesBankruptcy of John Moxon, builder 18792015October5612
BusinessesMoxon’s Country Pumpkin2015October5614
BusinessesJoseph Moxon again – A Great Catch!2016April573
BusinessesMoxon’s Liniment2018April6110
BusinessesMordecai Moxon – bookseller2019April6323-27
BusinessesMoxon’s Magnesian Experient2019October649
BusinessesGeorge Moxon Coal Merchant2020April6520-21
BusinessesH Moxon Clockmaker?2021October684-5
Census1921 census release date2019October646
CharityQueen Mary’s Needlework Guild2018April6119
Coat of Arms“New” Moxon Coat of Arms2005October366
Coat of ArmsMoxon Coat of Arms2016October5816-17
CookeryElizabeth Moxon’s Cookery Book2006April377
CookeryElizabeth Moxon’s Cookery Book2009April436-7
CookeryElizabeth Moxon’s Cookery Book commemorated2019April6311-12
CookeryElizabeth Moxon’s recipes revisited2020October6610
CookeryElizabeth Moxon’s recipes for 2022 Gathering?2021October682
CookeryMore recipes for 2022 Gathering?2022April693
Crime and PunishmentRiots at Wakefield1989October45
Crime and Punishment“Lewd life” at Sandal Magna1990April56
Crime and PunishmentMurder of a cattle-grazer in Holmfirth1990October67
Crime and PunishmentTheft in Wapping1991April76-7
Crime and PunishmentWakefield Court Rolls1993April111-2
Crime and PunishmentAttempted robbery at Moxon’s bank1994April134
Crime and PunishmentLuddites attack Moxons of Kirkheaton1996April174-5
Crime and PunishmentMX13 – Horsington v Beaumont1997October203, 5
Crime and PunishmentJohn Moxon – Highwayman!1999April231-2
Crime and PunishmentInquests, Suicide, Deaths and Transportation2000October263-5
Crime and PunishmentKathleen Moxon – embezzler?2001April2714
Crime and PunishmentTransportation2002April293-6
Crime and PunishmentFrederick Moxon accused of riotous display in Church2003October329
Crime and PunishmentThe Queen v. Moxon 18412004April334-5
Crime and PunishmentThree Moxon brothers in Cawthorne brawl2004April337-8
Crime and PunishmentThree Moxon brothers in Cawthorne brawl revisited2021April6712-14
Crime and PunishmentA Moxon at Parkhurst Prison2004October344
Crime and PunishmentTransportation for stealing a sheep2005October364
Crime and PunishmentSarah Sues her Husband’s Executors in 17C2008October426-7
Crime and PunishmentJohn Moxon transported after highway robbery2009April437
Crime and PunishmentAn Arsonist in the family2010April451-3
Crime and PunishmentA Moxon/Moxam in Parkhurst Prison2010April4514
Crime and PunishmentMemories of Moxons, Money, Mayhem and Murder2010October465-7, 10
Crime and PunishmentSwindell Hill robbery connects families2010October4611
Crime and PunishmentJacob Moxon – Army deserter 18372010October4615
Crime and Punishment1867 Moxon was a victim of robbery2011April476
Crime and PunishmentLuddite riots in Kirkheaton2012April4918
Crime and PunishmentThomas Moxon: from Yorkshire to New South Wales2013April513-5
Crime and PunishmentJoshua Middleton Moxon – An Aussie Pioneer2013April517-8
Crime and PunishmentThe Moxon of Alcatraz2015October564
Crime and PunishmentJames Moxham 1794-18482016October5816
Crime and PunishmentCaroline Moxon – a Prison Matron2016October5813
Crime and PunishmentFelony at Firsby and an accident at work2017April593
Crime and PunishmentState trials and the “Luddite” attack2017April5918
Crime and PunishmentDrinking after hours and death by drowning2017April5919
Crime and PunishmentA Luddite Postscript2017October6018
Crime and PunishmentA Bigamous Marriage2021October686-7
Crime and PunishmentChild stealing in Liverpool2021October6815
Crime and PunishmentFanny Moxon – arsonist2022April694-6
Crime and PunishmentDrunk driving 18762022April6927
Diaries18th C Moxon diary found1991April75
DiariesJoseph Moxon (MX01) 18th century diaries1993October126
DiariesJoseph Moxon (MX01) 18th century diaries1994April132
DiariesJoseph Moxon of Market Bosworth 1798 17991998April213
DiariesMoxon in a Yorkshire Farmer’s 19C diaries2016October5810
DNAFirst suggested DNA testing programme2002April2911
DNADNA Y-chromosome Test programme2002October303-5, 10
DNAVolunteers for testing programme listed2003April312
DNAUnderstanding Y-Chromosome Results2003October323-6
DNAY-line Results Report2005October36 Supp1-7
DNA43 Marker Y-Line Research Project 20062007April398-11
DNAReview of the Society’s DNA testing to 20172017April5914,15,17
DNADNA testing – the way forward2017October608-11
DNA Encouragement to share Ancestry DNA findings2018October6212
DNAResults lead to updating of Trees2019April6328-35
DNA Note on DNA from BBC News website2020October6617
DNAConfirms assumptions regarding MX012021October6812-13
EducationWakefield Court Rolls1993April112
EducationLetters from school in 19th Century1992April92
EducationMoxon reports2008April4116
EducationNew Head Mistress arrives in Australia2012April4910
EducationTwo Llandudno Connections2013April518-9
EducationAutobiography of Reginald Stewart Moxon (1875-1950)2016October585-8
EducationJoseph Moxon (1627-1690) alumnus of QEGS2016October5826
EntertainmentNoel Gay1988October23
EntertainmentKevin Moxon – actor1992April93
EntertainmentJugglers & acrobats descended from Edwin Moxon1991April71, 3
EntertainmentMay Moxon – Chorus Girl to Dance Producer1997April198
EntertainmentSatchmo and Jimmy “Jazz up” Ghana2000April252-3
EntertainmentPostcards of Moxon entertainers2000October268
EntertainmentMusical Moxons2002April299-10
EntertainmentCyllene Moxon2003October3212-13
EntertainmentMusical Moxons – a Reprise2006October3816
EntertainmentThe Circus Family of Moxons2007October4015
EntertainmentA Trip to Rumfum2012October5016
EntertainmentMoxon Stars of Stage and Screen2013April5110-11
EntertainmentThe Cover Girl2015October561, 3
EntertainmentBunny Moxon’s career as performer / theatre manager2017October605
EntertainmentBeth Moxon Mezzo Soprano2017October6018
EntertainmentCyllene Moxon Part 1 her antecedents2022April698-11
ExciseWilliam Milson Moxon, excise officer2000April254-5
ExplorationAdmiral Sir John Ross2018October622
ExplosionHalifax disaster 19172009April4310-12
ExplosionHalifax disaster 1917 – Moxon Headstone 2015October568
ExplosionHalifax disaster 1917 – George, Harry and Ettie Moxon2016April574
Football CardsMystery solved!2018April618-9
FoundlingsThomas Coram Foundling Hospital: Charles Moxon2016April578-10
GravestonesMoxon Headstone with nowhere to go!2015October568
GravestonesGeorge, Harry and Ettie Moxon2016April574
GravestonesGravestone of Joseph Iliffe and family2016October5811
GravestonesSelina Jane Moxon2016October5821
GravestonesGrave & plaque of Thomas Moxon2018October6210-11
GravestonesNew plan to record maps of all CofE graveyards2020October6617
GravestonesNew plan to record maps of all CofE graveyards2022April6913
InventoriesGuide to inventories from 300 years ago1991April72-3
MaxsonsMaxsons of New England1996October186-7
MedicineWalter Moxon 1836-18861989October48
MedicineStaffordshire Moxons1991October84-5
MedicineJohn Moxon – pioneer of chloroform1992April97
MedicineProf Richard Moxon & Oxford research laboratory1989April32
MedicineDr William Moxon of Northampton1994October144-5
Medicine“Moxon” blood pressure tablets2002April2915
MedicineBenjamin Moxon’s Patent Potion2003April314-5
MedicineThe Moxon Jenner Connection2008April4110-11
MedicinePilocereus Senilis – life of Dr Walter Moxon2008October425
MedicineDeath of Dr Walter Moxon2009April434-5
MedicineMoxon Suite in Frome’s new hospita;2010April455
MedicineDr Walter Moxon and the Alcohol Question2010April4515
MedicinePilocereus Senilis – wisdom of Dr Walter Moxon2010October4610
MedicineThomas Moxon of Great Yarmouth2015April554, 9
MedicineDr William Moxon of Matlock – obituary2017October606-7
MedicineMedical Ancestors2019October649-11
MedicineMental health of “Poor Edith”2021April6732-34
MedicineMoxon’s Effervescent Magnesian Aperient2021October682
MedicineRichard Moxon’s “Brain Fever” reviewed2021October6814-15
MedicineFanny Moxon’s asylum notes2022April694-6
MedicineSurgical innovation in 19th century2022April6924-26
Merchant Navy Sea-saga of Napoleonic Wars1994April134-5
Merchant Navy Colonial Clippers of 1880s1997April194-6
Merchant Navy Robert Julius Moxon’s holiday cruise 18822001October289-10
MilitariaA Tale of Two Swords2002April2914
MilitariaA Tale of Two Swords – some footnotes2006October388
MilitariaWilliam Moxon’s Baltic medal2009October4412
Missing LinksNew section on Research website2021October6810-11
Missing LinksMore Missing Links2022April697,11
Moxon GatheringsAnnual Gatherings 1991-20182018April611
Moxon Gatherings2020 Gathering cancelled2020April652
Moxon GatheringsIdeas for Yorkshire 20222021October683
Moxon GatheringsIdeas for Yorkshire 20222022April692-3
Moxon Letters19th C letters from school1992April92
Moxon Letters19th C letters from work1992October106
Moxon Letters1879 letter on visit to Royal Agricultural Show1991April74-5
Moxon LettersSailor’s dying letter to his father1994April138
Moxon LettersMX01 adventures in 19C Texas1995April156-7
Moxon LettersWorld War I letters from Sergeant Harry Moxon2004October3414-16
Moxon LettersA Mother’s Trials and Tribulations2008October4216
Moxon SocietyThe beginnings of the Moxon Society2019October6415-17
Moxon SocietyOriginal leaflet about History of the Moxons2021October6820-21
Moxon TreesConverting Trees into Gedcom format2003April3110-11
Moxon TreesThe Gedcom Project2005October363
Moxon TreesMembers’ affiliations with Trees2005October36 Supp8
Moxon TreesMembers’ affiliations with Trees2008October4214
Moxon TreesEvolution of Moxon Trees (and likely links)2008October4215
Moxon TreesTree Guardian scheme in outline2013October5216
Moxon TreesTree Guardian scheme set up2014October543
Moxon TreesMembers’ affiliations with Trees2014October544-7
Moxon TreesTree Surgery, Tree Guardians and Moxon Trees2015April555-9
Moxon TreesNew Research archive2017October6015
Moxon TreesUpdate2019April6328-35
Moxon TreesMembers’ affiliations with Trees2020October6614,15
MX01Staffordshire Moxons1991October84-5
MX01Eleanor Rigby’s children1993October123
MX01Roots #1 – Moxons of Cawthorne1996October184-5
MX01Roots #4 – Moxons of Stewkley1998April214-5
MX01Origins of Buckinghamshire Moxons2003October322, 13
MX01My Moxon Family by Angela Healy2006April379
MX01Anecdotes from the Past and Palace Farm2006October383, 5
MX01Roots #1 Update2007October408-9
MX01Last link with Cawthorne dies2017October6017
MX01Moxons of Stewkley uodate2018April619
MX01Sydney Harvey Moxon2018October628-9
MX01The hunt for Thomas Moxon of Shugborough 2019October643-5
MX01Whence the Moxons of Stewkley – Revisited!2019October647-8
MX01Revision to the top of MX012020October668-9
MX01Stewkley – a further clarification2020October6611
MX01New member finds her place2021April674
MX01New Second cousin found2021April6718-19
MX01Short Eventful life of John Henry Moxon 1895-19182021April6726
MX01Carol Burton’s place in Tree confirmed2021October6812-13
MX01Fanny Moxon’s final years2022April694-6
MX02MX02 doubles in size!2015October566-7
MX05American descendants of Samuel Barker Moxon1988October26
MX05American descendants of Samuel Barker Moxon1990April54
MX05American descendants of Samuel Barker Moxon1990October66
MX05Australian descendants of Thomas Moxon of Leyton1989April33-6
MX05Australian descendants of Thomas Moxon of Leyton1989October46
MX05Roots #6 – Moxons of Great Yarmouth1999April234-5
MX05Moxon descendants of Thomas Moxon of Yarmouth2001April275-6, 8-9
MX05Thomas Moxon of Twickenham & descendants2018April612-5
MX05Charles St Denys Moxon2018October623-5
MX05Thomas Moxon of Twickenham2018October6210-11
MX05“The Moxons and the Brownes” published2019April632-3
MX05Thomas Moxon and his descendants2019April6315-22
MX05Mordecai Moxon2019April6323-27
MX05“The Moxon Brownes” due to be published shortly2019October6417
MX05Still looking for news of Sarah Ann (Drake)2019October6420
MX05Miss Tina & the British Raj2020April6510-15
MX05Will of John Moxon of Hanover Terrace2021April6715-17
MX05Photograph of Henry Moxon2021October6822
MX06Roots #7 – Moxons of Ferry Fryston1999October244-6
MX06Update on Roots #72001April2715
MX06William Moxon “Found”2008April413
MX06Elizabeth Moxon’s Cookery book commemorated2019April6311-12
MX08The Moxons of Leeds2017April5911
MX08Football Card mystery solved2018April618-9
MX08Merged with MX57, MX45 and MX122019April6331-33
MX10My Grandfather and Grandmother Moxon2013October5213
MX10Photograph and dating of photograph2017April592,16,17
MX10Moxon’s Square2018October6217,19
MX10Edith Moxon 1883-19482021April6732-34
MX11Whence the Moxons of Stewkley2013April516
MX11Moxons of Stewkley update2018April619
MX11Whence the Moxons of Stewkley – Revisited!2019October647-8
MX11Moxons of Stewkley – clarification2020April6518
MX12Wakefield Court Rolls1993April111-2
MX12Four Moxon Biographies2011October485
MX12Autobiography of Reginald Stewart Moxon (1875-1950)2016October585-8
MX12Moxon Street2018October6216
MX12Merger with MX082019April6333
MX12Mysterious “Carte de Visite”2020October6612,13
MX12Erica Powell’s memoir of James Moxon 1920-1999 2021April6735-36
MX12Joseph Moxon’s not so secret vice2021April6727
MX13Roots #3 – Moxons of High Hoyland1997October204-5
MX13Susan Moxon and her Daughters2004October348-9
MX13Marriage of Thomas Moxon and Hannah Dyson2008October4212
MX13Merged with MX792019April6333-4
MX14 A Tale of Two Doctors2007April394-5
MX14 & MX22Dr William Moxon of Matlock2006April3712-14
MX14 & MX22Dr William Moxon of Matlock2006October383
MX16Roots #8 – Moxons of Ousefleet2000April2514-15
MX16Cyllene Moxon Part 1 her antecedents2022April698-11
MX19Roots #11 – Moxons of Felkirk2001October282-3
MX20A problem with the Moxons of Thornhill resolved2017April5910
MX21New Zealand Kissling Dynasty1989October44-5
MX21Alice Moxon Reminisces2006April3710-11
MX21Cavendish Moxon2012April493-5
MX21Moxon of Hull, formerly Pontefract2012April4914-17
MX21Thomas Moxon of Great Yarmouth2015April554, 9
MX21Building of Good Ship Isabella2018October622
MX21Medical Ancestors2019October649-11
MX21George Dunhill Moxon & Turkish connection2020April656
MX25Moxons of Cambridgeshire1995April154-5
MX25Confusion of names2018October6213,20
MX25Twin Sopranos “Classical reflection”2020April653
MX25Michael Moxon linked to MX252020April655
MX27Moxons and Mallins in Pennsylvanie1996October183
MX27Roots #2 – Moxons of Silkstone1997April192-3
MX27George Moxon of Barnsley – Architect2008April4115
MX27Thomas Moxon: from Yorkshire to New South Wales2013April513-5
MX27Joshua Middleton Moxon – An Aussie Pioneer2013April517-8
MX27Caroline Moxon – a Prison Matron2016October5813
MX27Reminiscences of Bette Mason nee Moxon2017April5912
MX27Photos of Henry Moxon’s (1826-1896) family2017October6016
MX27Photographic correction relating to article in MM602018April6111
MX27Karl Sorton’s research2018April6117-18
MX27The “Moxon Look”?2019April634
MX27Merger with MX582019April6335
MX27Moxons on Ynys Mon (Anglesey)2019October6418-19
MX27Edgar Herbert Moxon 1915-19502021April6728
MX27Ernest Moxon’s bigamous marriage2021October686-7
MX27Graham Jagger untangles Another Brick Wall2022April6917-20
MX32Harry Moxon Jeweller2021October684-5
MX37Canadian descendants of George Alexander Moxon1991October83
MX37Roots #5 – Moxons of Ebbesborne Wake1998October224-5
MX37Update on Roots #52000April2518
MX37American Moxom Reunions2021April6710-11
MX39Ann Moxon of Little Downham2016October5822-23
MX40Confusion of names2018October6213,20
MX41Confusion of names2018October6213,20
MX42A conundrum relating to article in MM192018April6112-13
MX42Identity of Dr Wetherell2018October6218-19
MX42Merger with MX632019April6334-5
MX45Merger with MX082019April6331
MX49Roots #9 – Moxhams of Great Chalfield, Wiltshire2000October2611-12
MX53Roots #10 – Moxons of Kirkburton2001April272-4
MX54Another Problem Solved!2009April4313
MX57Merger with MX082019April6331
MX58Another Moxon Myth?2009April436-7
MX58Merger with MX272019April6335
MX62The Moxon Jenner Connection2008April4110-11
MX63Who’s the Father?2016April575-7
MX63Merger with MX422019April6334-5
MX65Confusion of names2018October6213,20
MX66Grandfather changed name from Moxon to Hutchinson 2010April458-9
MX67Charles Moxon 1885-1967 aka Sidney Herbert Durbridge2016April578-10
MX68Smallest Tree – Missing Link #22021October6811
MX71A Furious Tale – William James Moxham 1832-19042021April675-9
MX76The Moxhams of Lancashire2017October6012
MX76In Service Moxham of Lytham Hall2020April657-9
MX79Merger with part of MX132019April6333-4
MX83Missing Link #42021October6811
MX101Who was Willie Moxon 1895-1962?2021April6737-39
OccupationsIn Service2020April657-9
OccupationsGoverness in India Miss Tina & British Raj2020April6510-15
Origins of nameMagsons, Megsons and Mokkesons1988October24-5
Origins of nameWhat’s in a name1989October43
Origins of nameMoxham origins1990April56
Origins of nameEarly Cawthorne and origins of name1996October186
Origins of nameFurther thoughts from Harry Moxon1997April196
Origins of nameFurther thoughts from Bishop David Moxon1997October208-9
Origins of nameResponse to Bishop David Moxon from Harry Moxon1998April217-8
Origins of nameWho was Meoc?1999October248
Origins of nameEarliest occurrences of the name Moxon2001April2712-13
Origins of nameEarly history of the Moxon family2002April297
Origins of name13C and 14C references to Moxons in Bradfield2002October307-8
Origins of nameSo who do we think we are?2007April393
Origins of nameMoxons in Yorkshire Tax Returns2008April4112-14
Origins of nameWhat’s in a name2019October6423
PhotographsColourising old photographs2020April6516-17
PhotographyBiography of Marshall Moxom2020October6618,19
Place namesMoxon Street London W11997April199
Place namesMoxham Castle1998October226
Place namesMoxon Street, Moxon’s Passage, Moxon’s Lane etc1999October249
Place namesMargaret Moxon Way, Hull2008October4220
Place namesMoxon Road, Gwent2014April535-6
Place NamesAssorted names such as Moxon’s Hill in Derbyshire2018April6115
Place NamesMoxon’s Square, Moxon Street2018October6216-17,19
PoetryMokeson – Wordsworth2012April4912-13
PoliticsThe Tory Tailor2012October504-6
PublishingEdward Moxon 1801-18582000April256-8
PublishingBeatrix Potter connection2002October3013
PublishingEdward Moxon 1801-1858 in court2004April334-5
PublishingMoxon’s Globe in Winchester Cathedral Library2006April374-5
PublishingStories from South African History2006April3715-16
PublishingPhiz: The Man who Drew Dickens2007October403
PublishingJ M W Turner illustrated Edward Moxon’s books2019October6422
RegistersDade Registers2019October6414
ReligionRoundhead Chaplain to Country Gent1991October88
ReligionCongleton Meeting House 3rd centenary1988April13
ReligionGeorge Moxon 1602-1687 & family1996April171,3
ReligionGeorge Moxon 1602-1687 & Springfield church1997October206-7
ReligionThe Primitive Methodist – John Moxon (1795-1859)1999October247
Religion“Gretna Green” of Peak Forest, Derbyshire2008October4212
ReligionLife of Charles St Denys Moxon2009October4410-11
ReligionSpringfield Church closed2009October4415-16
ReligionLife of Charles St Denys Moxon continued2010April4512-13
ReligionCavendish Moxon2012April493-5
ReligionChurch Times archive2014April537
ReligionCaptain William Moxon2015October565
ReligionGeorge Moxon 1602-16872016October5810
ReligionGeorge Moxon 1602-1687 – notes on sermons published2017October6019
Religion17th century sermons preached by George Moxon2018April617
ReligionWork of Charles St Denys Moxon2018October623-5
ReligionMormon Moxons2020October663-5
Research TrustMoxon Research Trust is dissolved2020April652
ScienceJoseph Moxon and the Royal Society1993October124-5
ScienceMX05 and Botany1995April151-2
ScienceBotany – Bentham/Moxon Trust Kew Gardens1995October164-6
ScienceJoseph Moxon and Logarithm tables1996April176
ScienceJames Moxon and a Mathematical Lottery1999April238-10
ScienceBotanist Alfred Edward Moxon’s bequest2009October448
ScienceMoxon Botanists2014October548
ScienceThe Moxon Antenna – Leslie A Moxon2016October584
Social mediaFinding ancestors and cousins through social media2012October507-8
Social mediaUsing Social media for the Moxon Society2013April5113
Social mediaMargaret Tucker Moxon’s Blog Challenge2021October688-9
SportElephant Polo2004April337
SportCambridge Rowing2005October365-6
SportBare-Knuckle Fighting2010April456-7
SportGundogs, Training and Field Trials2010October4612-14
SportGundogs, Training and Field Trials2010April4516
SportGundogs, Training and Field Trials2016April5716
SportCricket: Martyn Moxon1988April17
SportCricket: Martyn Moxon1990April56-8
SportCricket: Martyn Moxon1991October87
SportRatting match between dogs2018April6116
SportMark Moxon: Rugby player2021April6723
SportGolfing Moxons Down Under2022April6916
WebsitesChanges in composition of websites2018October626-7
WillsThe value of Wills2011April4719-21
WillsWills of Wiltshire2018October6221-27
WillsWill resolves query2020October667
WillsWill of John Moxon of Hanover Terrace2021April6715-17
World War IThree Moxon cousins in The Great War2000April2517-18
World War IThe Moxon Fallen2004April3313-14
World War ILetters from Sergeant Harry Moxon2004October3414-16
World War ISapper Moxon’s death2005April354
World War IMoxon Casualties in WWI2006October3813-14
World War ILest We Forget – Moxons in WWI2011April478-9
World War INational Trust exhibition – Edwin Moxon2014October5412
World War IBenjamin Moxon’s War2014October5413-14
World War IThe LSO in World War I: Sydney Moxon2015October5613
World War IFour Moxons, Three Moxhams and the Somme2016October581-2
World War IDavid Moxon the reluctant warrior2017April5910
World War ITom Cyril Moxon2017April5911
World War IPasschendaele – the Third Battle of Ypres2017October602-3
World War ISydney Harvey Moxon2018October628-9
World War IIThe Moxon Fallen in World War II2004October343-4
World War IIThe Moxon on the River Kwai2011October483-4
World War IIThe Moxon on the River Kwai – continued2016October5827
World War IIKitty Hart-Moxon the Auschwitz survivor2017April5913