Over the last thirty years or so, researchers have found many references to a Moxon (or variant)
who could not easily be fitted into one of the Society’s Trees.

Chris Moxon has recently been trawling through the Society’s archives in order to file what COULD be fitted in.

Now there is a mass of information which COULD NOT so far be fitted in, and we would very much like your help.

Below you will find short paragraphs (latest additions first) giving an outline of what information we hold on these ‘Missing Links’,
and in some cases there will be a link which will take you to a new page with more information about that person. 

If you can offer any information,  please contact Chris Moxon and quote the reference number (ML1, ML2… etc)
of the person concerned so we can keep track in a sometimes complex tangle of names and relationships!

If you can help to fill in any of our Missing Links, please get in touch with our research co-ordinators by email.

ML1 : John Moxon – Highwayman in York

Judith Ayre reported on John Moxon (born in the mid 1790s) who, with an accomplice Charles Robinson, turned to highway robbery to earn some money. Due to their amateurish methods, they were soon apprehended. Both were convicted and sentenced to death. But John escaped the gallows in favour of transportation for life, and by early May 1817 he was…

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ML2 : John Moxon m. Phoebe Teel in Norfolk 1794

MX68 is our smallest Tree and is headed by another John Moxon who married Phoebe Teel in Kings Lynn, Norfolk on 19 March 1794. They had two sons, John and Robert, both born in Nottingham in 1796 and 1803 respectively and who were both transported to Australia in 1818 and 1821 respectively. But we do not know what Tree the father is descended from…

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ML3 : John Moxham or Moxam born in Devon 1658

In the Moxon Magazine for April 2004 there was a double page article about the exploits of John Mox(h)am (his name was sometimes spelled with an ‘h’ and sometimes without). Born in 1658 in Topsham in Devon, he married Mary Lyle in the same town in 1697. Their children included Robert (1702/3); Isaac (1705); Lyle (1706); and Nicholas (1710). John Mox(h)am was a fishing…

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ML4 : George Moxon m Susannah Pickett in London 1827

MX83 is another very small Tree, and this is based in London. George Moxon, whose parents were William and Elizabeth, was born in Holborn, Middlesex, in August 1803. On 11 February 1827 he married Susannah Pickett in St Pancras. Two of their children died as infants, but their third child, George, certainly lived until the age of 11 as he is recorded in…

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ML5 : Agnes Helen Moxon’s Tree

Agnes Helen Moxon wrote to us in 1987 and enclosed a family Tree going back a couple of generations. Her maiden name was Shanks but she seems to have recorded all the relatives of her husband, Harold. Following discussion at the Salford Gathering this has been further researched; Agnes’s Tree has been corrected and now forms part of a new Tree, MX102. This Tree goes back to…

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ML6 : Moxoms of Buckinghamshire and the Protestation Oath 1641/2

In 1992 Graham Jagger received a letter from Val Lancaster. This gave some information (but no sources) for William Moxom (Muckson) and family from the late 18th century plus the Protestation Oath Roll of 1641/2. William Moxom appears in MX01 as the son of Nathaniel Moxon 1710-1760. Can we find the source for his marriage? And for the children that Val listed? Is there any evidence…

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ML7 : Poem by TJ (or possibly T F) Moxon 1883

Who wrote this poem? The handwriting suggests that it was written in 1883 – but was it an original poem by T Moxon or was he simply copying out a poem he had found? Was he a sailor on board the SS Loch Etive or was he staying/living near Loch Etive in Scotland at the time? SS Loch Etive was a fully rigged ship built…

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ML8 : Hugh Cecil Moxon 1896-1917

Second Lieutenant Hugh Cecil Moxon of the Bedfordshire Regiment was born in 1896, the son of The Revd E and Mrs M Moxon. He died, aged just 20, of sniper wounds on the front near Loos at 11.15pm on 19th July 1917.

Hugh Cecil Moxon has now been identified as a member of MX21 and the information we found has been duly attached to that Tree.

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ML9 : Thomas Moxon of Whitley Indenture 1677

Thomas Moxon, husbandman of Whitley in Yorkshire signed (with a mark) an indenture of property from Richard Beaumont of Whitley Hall, Esquire. Who was this Thomas? Is this Whitley in North Yorkshire, whereas Whitley Hall Hotel (nowadays) is situated…

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ML13. Maxons of Lincolnshire and elsewhere

In 2000 the Society received a letter from Elizabeth Gervat. In this she outlined the information that she and other Maxons had done towards compiling their family Tree. No connections have been found with either our Moxon or Moxham Trees and it is entirely possible that Maxon came from a different stock. But it seems odd…

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ML14. Nick Moxon of Whitley Bay

A local newspaper printed an article on their front page about Nick Moxon, a Methodist Minister working at that time in Whitley Bay. He was born, if the article is correct, about 1969. Who were his parents – and what has happened to him since this cycle ride?

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ML15. Mr Moxon of Lymington 1774

A tiny news item – but who was Mr Moxon of Lymington? He must have been a wealthy man to be receiving a £100 note in the post. Who was Mr Whitfield of Lewes? A public postal service was introduced in 1635 but it was notoriously slow and expensive. With the introduction of turnpike roads, the service was speeded up…

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ML16. Five random references

In the Society’s archive are these random references. There is no note as to where these were found, nor who found them. Can anyone shed any light on any of these? Can the sources be found? Can the families to which they refer be identified? ROBERT MOXON m ELIZABETH REDFERN 13/9/1708 Hathersage, Derbyshire [10 miles SW of Sheffield]GEORGE MOWKSON m JANE STONE 1600 Dronsfield, Derbyshire [presumably Dronfield between Chesterfield and Sheffield]THOMAS MOXON son…

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20. 1890 Joseph Moxon of Ely, Cambridgeshire fined for sending diseased meat to market

Who was this Joseph Moxon of Cambridgeshire? London Evening Standard – Friday 14 February 1890 GUILDHALL. Joseph Moxon, labourer, of Witcham, Ely, Cambridgeshire, was summoned for sending a diseased pig to the Central Meat Market, intending it for human food. — Inspector Allen stated that he was in the market on the 14th January, when his attention was called to the carcase of a pig in the Shop of Mr. Jackson, meat salesman. Seeing that it…

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ML19. 1886 Thomas Moxon, Birmingham jeweller, prosecuted for forgery.

There were a number of Moxons working in the jewellery trade in Birmingham in MX01. Was this Thomas Moxon one of them? Was this the Thomas Moxon who was born about 1837 and left his widow the sum of £91.12.0 when he died in 1902? If he was imprisoned in 1896 for five years was he released early as this man was listed in the 1891 census still carrying out the trade of Jeweller?

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