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About The Moxon Family Research Trust

MOXON RESEARCH as we know it today began with the publication in the summer of 1987 of The Moxons of Yorkshire which was, in essence, the work of three great Moxon historians, the Reverend Charles St Denys Moxon (1820-1881), Canon R. S. Moxon DD (1873-1950) and Prebendary T. A. Moxon MA (1877-1943), and which was edited by James (Jimmy) Moxon, the latter’s son.  It was the editor’s intention to create a focal point of basic Moxon history around which current and future research can rally and develop.

The Moxon Family Research Trust (MFRT) was founded in 1987, the year which saw the first of the continuing series of annual Moxon Gatherings although in those days these events were known as Research Seminars.  The MFRT became a registered charity in September 1989 and since its foundation it has continued to finance Moxon research projects.

Within a year or two it became apparent that there was a need for a social parallel to the more financial and technical organization, the MFRT, and after some discussion at the 1990 Research Seminar the Moxon Society was born.  From then on, the MFRT faded into the background whilst maintaining its vital role as the funder of research projects.

Graham Jagger

January 2017


THE MOXON FAMILY RESEARCH TRUST is funded by donations from individuals and The Moxon Society. Its aims are to fund specific items of Moxon research of interest to Moxons worldwide; and to aid the publication of books and research reports concerning the Moxon family.

The Moxon Research website provides Tree Guardians with access to a lot of important data in one place about the Moxon Family. Comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

The Wills Archive gives access to downloadable copies of the facsimiles of original Moxon Wills as well as to transcripts where these are available. These are subject to copyright and can only be viewed and downloaded with a second password which is available on application to  the webmaster  or to The Research Co-ordinators.

We encourage members, and particularly Tree Guardians, to keep in touch via the forums with questions and answers about any aspect of Moxon Family genealogy.