The Moxon Family Research Trust

About The Moxon Society

The Moxon Society is a One-Name Family History Society, dedicated to the name Moxon, and its many variants.  Each of us has carried out research into our own families and we have joined together to exchange ideas and, more importantly, to pool the proven information that we have discovered about our ancestors. This is the main benefit of membership as it allows one to link into other Moxon family trees that have been researched and submitted to the Society, now by using the Members’ Only website which has searchable indices of Wills, Magazine articles, of People and more..

The Society was formed in 1991, four years after its founder, James Roland (Jimmy) Moxon had published his book The Moxons of Yorkshire.  He followed this up with The Moxon Magazine, and he and the late Dick Moxon organised gatherings of Moxon family members in Leeds in 1989 and 90.  Since the Society was officially established, an annual gathering has been held in many towns and cities in England.

There is also an active Moxons Down Under group  for Australians and New Zealanders and various contacts in Canada, United States, Africa and other countries.

Other Moxon Society Resources

Over the years various paths of communication and information have been created for the use of Moxon Society members, and – as these things do – some fell into disuse or disrepair though their ghosts can still be found by the assiduous web-surfer! But our current preferred communications channels are:

  • This website , which is for Members Only, containing all the Society’s resources, lists and documents.
  • The public-facing website open to anyone where visitors can learn about The Moxon Society and have an opportunity to subscribe.
  • Our Facebook pages of which there are two (‘the moxon society‘ and ‘the moxon society uk and international‘) but neither is much used, so they are due for review.
  • Our bi-annual Moxon Magazine, published in April and October of each year and available to members as part of their subscription.

And as part of our ongoing development, this website will soon have an in-site blog which we hope Members will use to share information and queries with each other.