The Moxon Family Research Trust

Charles St Denys Moxon’s A SIMPLE RECORD

A SIMPLE RECORD OF THE MOXON FAMILY was a trilogy of books written by the first Moxon Family Historian, Charles St Denys Moxon, for the benefit of his son and grandson in 1877. It is not altogether accurate!

The first book, on Charles’ Moxon ancestors, was largely published as a part of “The Moxons of Yorkshire”. This first book, along with the second book about the Browne family, have been transcribed and are accompanied in this section by the correspondence relating to them.

The 3rd book “Personal Recollections” remains in manuscript form copied by a descendant about a hundred years ago. The writing is sometimes difficult to read, particularly as the spiral binding punctuates the first words on many lines, but this is the fullest account of the author’s own life (see also Bob Moxon Browne’s articles in the Moxon Magazine issues 44, 45 & 61)