The Tree Guardian Scheme


The Moxon Society was formed to bring together people interested in the history of the Moxon name, with all its variants. During the first twenty five years of its existence Society members drew up some 60 different (but sometimes interlinked) Family Trees. But the task of updating and expanding these Trees proved impossible for a single person.

So in 2014 a system of Tree Guardians was drawn up. Each Tree would have initially one Guardian – although as Trees have been merged more than one Guardian may now be appointed for some of the larger Trees. The Guardian (or, now, or Guardians) for each Tree takes responsibility for authorising the amendments to their own Tree in the light of research carried out by themselves or by other Society members. The names of the current Tree Guardians are detailed in the page listing the Current Trees.

The overall organisation of the Trees, including mergers, has been the responsibility of Graham Jagger, Chris Moxon and Philip Lord.