Moxons of no known genetic group

DNA analysis has established that a number of Moxon Society Trees share a common ancestor – see the pages for the four groups associated with Cawthorne, Silkstone, Leeds & Great Yarmouth and Wiltshire.

However, there are a number of Moxon trees where either:

1) DNA tests have still to be undertaken and any visible links to any of the other Moxon trees have proved elusive
2) DNA tests have been carried out but the probability analysis shows no connection to any of the other Moxon or Moxham trees tested thus far. Such a result can mean one of three things:

i) That there is a new ancient Moxon line of descent yet to be discovered
ii) The surname may have been acquired at some time in the past by adoption
iii) Some other non-paternity event – an illegitimate birth for example

The trees bundled into this Group are those that fall into both categories 1 and 2 above.

Further information for genealogists on the various places mentioned in the Trees below can be found on the GENUKI website.

Pre-2010 all Moxon Society Trees were compiled by John Moxon Hill (JMH). The JMH tree charts below are now out of date. Some may contain inaccurate information. They have been superseded by more accurate and detailed trees and some have been merged together. Their value is in their historic use in examining how the Moxon Society Trees were originally compiled. Facsimiles of John’s original trees can be found HERE.

MX08 3 Sheets Dated 12 Apr 99 33 Entries
MX09 2 Sheets Dated 12 Apr 99 33 Entries
MX10 6 Sheets Dated 12 Apr 99 98 Entries
MX18 Superseded by MX21
MX20 4 Sheets Dated 12 Apr 99 56 Entries
MX21 15 Sheets Dated 15 Apr 99 176 Entries
MX28 1 Sheet Dated 15 Apr 99 11 Entries
MX32 3 Sheets Dated 12 Apr 99 33 Entries
MX34 1 Sheet Dated 12 Apr 99 10 Entries
MX36 1 Sheet Dated 12 Apr 99 15 Entries
MX42 2 Sheets Dated 12 Apr 99 21 Entries
MX43 4 Sheets Dated 12 Apr 99 37 Entries
MX45 2 Sheets Dated 17 Jul 99 13 Entries
MX47 2 Sheets Dated 12 Apr 99 25 Entries (now merged with MX10)
MX51 1 Sheet Dated 28 Mar 00 8 Entries (now merged with MX58)
MX53 4 Sheets Dated 22 Jan 00 65 Entries
MX54 4 Sheets Dated 31 Jan 02 66 Entries
MX56 2 Sheets Dated 20 Apr 02 19 Entries
MX57 1 Sheet Dated 16 Nov 02 11 Entries (now merged with MX08)