Moxons by name only

There are currently just two trees, MX04 and MX67, which fall into this group where the head of the tree is a Moxon in name only; they have no blood connection to any of the other Moxon or Moxham trees.

MX04 was compiled by John Moxon Hill whose original tree charts can be accessed by clicking here. Although the charts are now out of date (as of 2017) and updated versions are available on our Ancestry website, the original version is kept here as a record and for their historic use in examining how the Moxon Society Trees were originally compiled.

MX04 (Tree Guardian: Pat Potthast), is headed by Elijah Moxon (Skinner). He was baptised 29 Dec 1790 in Cawthorne, Yorkshire, as Elijah Skinner, the illegitimate son of Jemima Skinner. It was ten years before Jemima married her husband, Edward “Ned” Greenwood, 18 Oct 1800 in Cawthorne, so it is unlikely that Ned Greenwood was Elijah’s natural father.

Elijah married Sarah Peckit(t) as “Elijah Moxon Skinner” at Cawthorne, 30 Jul 1810. Their eldest son, John Moxon Skinner, was baptised 18 Aug 1811. Thereafter there is no mention of “Skinner” and the family name changes to “Moxon”.

It would appear that Elijah, as an illegitimate child, had been adopted, to be raised by John Moxon / Moakson of Cawthorne (1748-1810) of MX13 and his wife Grace Dyson, who were childless. In his will of 1810, John leaves a substantial sum (£800) as a bequest to “Elijah Skinner otherwise Moxon (who now resides with me) ….”. Given this relationship Elijah clearly chose to take the surname of his adoptive father.

A DNA test in 2016 undertaken by a direct male descendant of Elijah showed no Y-Line (male descent) relationship with any other Moxon Tree, confirming that the Moxon surname was acquired through his adoption by John Moakson of Cawthorne.

MX67 (Tree Guardian: Chris Moxon) – is headed by Charles Moxon 1885-1967 (aka Sidney Herbert Durbridge). In 2015 we came across a short, handwritten tree in the archive sent in some years ago by Graham Moxon of Plymouth, a previous Society member. The tree had a Charles Moxon, “orphan”, at its head but it had never been attributed to any existing Moxon tree or had a tree of its own created. When the information was entered into Ancestry as MX67, Ancestry flagged up connections to photographs uploaded to a private tree for a “Charles Moxon aka Sidney Herbert Durbridge”. Contact was made with the owner, Rosemary Jenner, and her fascinating account became an article in Moxon Magazine issue 57, April 2016.

Sidney Herbert Durbridge was born out of wedlock in 1885 to Annis Durbridge, who was forced to give up her child to an orphan asylum known as the Thomas Coram Foundling Hospital. The Hospital had the child re-baptised as was their custom, and gave him a new name, Charles Moxon. On reaching age 16, Charles was sent into the Army, training at Colchester. He became a Bandsman and travelled widely. He married Mabel Hope in 1912 in Calcutta and they began a family, two children born in India (one of whom was Mabel Mary Moxon, the mother of Rosemary Jenner’s husband Ronald) and another six on their return to England where they settled in Mabel’s home town of East Peckham, staying there for the rest of their lives.